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We know that you have a choice, and we want to make that choice easy for you. What distinguishes Lamus well above our competition is our comprehensive benefits package, and our corporate attitude. In terms of benefits, our competition can't even come close. For example, we offer fully paid family medical/dental/vision, 36 days annual leave, and immediate vestiture in our our 401(k) plan. These benefits are a direct reflection of our corporate attitude, which puts our employees first. Other companies will tell their employees that they are their number one resource and then proceed to increase employee benefit contributions, defer raises, and reduce their benefits. At Lamus Company we  back up our commitment to our employees through our policies and actions.  

Lamus Company is currently hiring TS/SCI linguists to fill open positions in the Washington D.C. Metropolitan Area (Northern Virginia, Maryland, & D.C.) and Overseas.

Please Note
: All candidates must possess an active TS/SCI clearance. This is a mandatory requirement.

  • Russian
(Washington Metro Area)
  • Arabic
(Washington Metro Area & Overseas)
  • Farsi
(Washington Metro Area & Overseas)
  • Somali
(Washington Metro Area with travel)
  • Amharic
(Washington Metro Area with travel)
  • Dari
  • Pashto
  • Chinese - Mandarin
(West Coast)

These positions require that the successful candidates be capable of performing a full range of activities to process materials through translation, interpretation, and transcription. All positions require a security clearance and all candidates will be required to take a series of language proficiency tests, including:

  • English proficiency
    • All candidates must take a basic English proficiency test
  • Hand-written translation into English
    • All candidates must take a Lamus Company screening test
    • Successful candidates will take a customer evaluation test
    • Some languages require handwritten testing to and from English
  • Speaking/listening
    • Some languages will require additional speaking and listening testing

All Lamus Company testing is done at the Lamus Company office located in Chantilly, Virginia. All Customer sponsored testing is done in Tyson’s Corner, Virginia.

Candidates must also demonstrate masterful use of reference materials and have general computer skills and very good experience with MS applications and Internet research. U.S. Citizenship is required, no exceptions.

All candidates must demonstrate a professional performance score of 3 or higher, as defined by the Interagency Language Roundtable (ILR) scale:

  • Professional Performance Level 3
Can translate texts that contain not only facts but also abstract language, showing an emerging ability to capture their intended implications and many nuances. Such texts usually contain situations and events which are subject to value judgments of a personal or institutional kind, as in some newspaper editorials, propaganda tracts, and evaluations of projects. Linguistic knowledge of both the terminology and the means of expression specific to a subject field is strong enough to allow the translator to operate successfully within that field. Word choice and expression generally adhere to target language norms and rarely obscure meaning. The resulting product is a draft translation, subject to quality control.
  • Professional Performance Level 3+
Can generally translate a variety of texts, such as many scientific or financial reports, some legal documents and some colloquial writings. Can convey the meaning of many sociocultural elements embedded in a text as well as most nuances and relatively infrequent lexical and syntactic items of the source language. Expression reflects target
language norms and usage. May be able to operate in fields outside areas of specialty. The resulting product is a draft translation, subject to quality control.
  • Professional Performance Level 4
Can successfully apply a translation methodology to translate a wide variety of complex texts that contain difficult, abstract, idiomatic, highly technical, and colloquial writing. Able to capture subtleties, nuances, and tone and register (such as official, formal, and informal writing). Such texts range from commentary reflecting a specific culture to analysis and argumentation. Linguistic knowledge and familiarity with source language norms enable an individual at this level to translate handwritten documents and other texts that represent spontaneous expression characteristic of native speakers. Expression
reflects native usage and consistent control of target language conventions. Can translate materials outside the individual's specialties, but may not reach the absolute subject matter accuracy of the specialist in the given field. The resulting product is a professional translation which may be subject to quality control.
  • Professional Performance Level 4+
Can successfully apply a translation methodology to translate texts that contain highly original and special purpose language (such as that contained in religious sermons, literary prose, and poetry). At this level, a successful performance requires not only conveying content and register but also capturing to the greatest extent all nuances intended in the source document. Expression is virtually flawless. Can produce fully accurate translations in a number of subject fields. When the need arises to perform in areas outside of specialization, a translator at this level is able to reach a successful level of performance given the time necessary for acquiring the relevant knowledge of the subject matter. The resulting product is a professional translation which may be subject to quality control.
  • Professional Performance Level 5
Can successfully translate virtually all texts, including those where lack of linguistic and cultural parallelism between the source language and the target language requires precise congruity judgments and the ability to apply a translation methodology. Expression is flawless. At this level, the translator consistently excels in a number of specialties, and is generally regarded as one of the arbiters of translating very high level language by persons competent in dealing with such material. Nonetheless, the resulting product may be subject to quality control.

If you meet the requirements above and think that you have what it takes to be part of our exceptional team, please email your resume and cover letter to: jobs@lamuscompany.com; or send directly to:

Lamus Company
14520 Avion Parkway, Suite 200
Chantilly VA 20151
Attn: Jobs

All resumes should include a complete security clearance history, any references to prior translation work, lists of translated documents, all language training, and a detailed education history.