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Lamus Company was incorporated as a privately-held Maryland Class “C” Corporation on 17 September 2000.  It operated as a one-man, consulting firm until February 2002 when we were awarded a contract from a Federal Government agency to design, implement, and deploy a Defense Message System (DMS) gateway within 18 months. Lamus was re-incorporated as a privately-held Virginia Class “C” Corporation on 28 February 2003.

We are quite proud of our corporate logo, the rhinoceros, and have applied for its Trademark protection.  We believe that the rhinoceros embodies some of our company values and we will expound on these in future revisions of this website.  For now, we’ll point out that the rhinoceros is almost an anachronism.  He is a dinosaur-like animal existing (barely) in modern times.  We sometimes think of ourselves as an anachronism because we value integrity, ethical behavior, and employee satisfaction in modern times.  We also charge hard – like the rhino – at challenges.

Above all, we value integrity, both company and individual.  A close second, and closely related, is ethical and professional behavior of the highest standard.  We enjoy and appreciate our ability to work closely together as teammates and highly value the camaraderie that has developed at a company level.  Individual leadership is greatly valued as long as that leader can also accept a team role when the situation demands it.  We really like our flat company structure with no bureaucracy that allows superb communication which in turn enables our quick reaction capability.

What we're all about is:

  • Guaranteeing Client Success
  • Providing Premier Quality Services and Products
  • Retaining our Team by developing complete Employee Satisfaction
  • Innovating